Monday, 16 September 2013

A Saturday night at Chicago's Piano Bar


We were on our way to get a pizza, when I thought about this place! We had been driving past it for a couple of months!
The Chicago's Piano Bar is on Beyers' Naude Drive, and it turned out to be a huge surprise.

"Walk into the 1920's with a cigar and drink in hand, stop by a card table and try your beginners luck, dress up, dress down and get ready for Jozi's biggest jol! 
Ladies: flapper dresses - sparkly outfits - feather headbands= free champagne!Men: moustaches - bowler hats - suspenders bow ties= free champagne!"

Little Missy always wants to watch musicians, especially since she has seen us going to "functions" (what we call it) which involves musicians. She has been nagging me that she wants to go with us.

We were there at six on Saturday night, when it still looked quiet, with only a few customers around. But by eight the place was buzzing!                                

She looked like this until she got her food! 
We had the best seafood, and Missy did a few steps under the disco lights!

We had to go at eight! But this seems to be a great place to chill, to listen to music and to meet your friends!

I definitely think we will be back, even especially with Little Missy in tow! 

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  1. Sounds like a lovely place. She sure looked miserable...probably hungry or bored ;-)


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