Monday, 9 September 2013

How do you know you have a little girl in the house?

Sometimes they are tomboys, and sometimes they are all girly girl and sweet and pink and princesses and fairies! 
I don't prefer the one over the other, and I think that all girls should be allowed to be their own self!

We did not press the girl stuff on our Little Missy, but she chooses the dolls and the make-up and the dresses above the cars and the swords and the dinosaurs.

I was thinking how much it has made an impact on us. The fact that we have a little GIRL in our house...

How do you know you have a little girl in your house?

- She always has a bit of make-up on her face, not always on the correct place, but it is there!

- I never have a lipstick that works in my handbag. It is only the broken ones that's was swapped for better ones.

- The older sister and I always have to sit down for a make-over and a hairdo.

- The older sister and I have instructed each other and the male in the house to tell us when we leave the house. To make sure that we do not have said make-up and hairdos when going out of the house.

- I have chipped yellow and blue nail polish on my nails. Today!

- I have blue and yellow nail polish on my jacket in the wash. (Maybe I should just transfer it to the dustbin?)

- I have to constantly buy hair accessories because it also disappears like socks. She likes to have free-flowing hair, and we are always trying to get it out of her face... (A losing battle!)

- She wears heels (although not very high) for a whole day! Without complaining! (Thankfully not every day!)

- She has only one standard answer when asked about what she wants to wear: A dress!

Interesting times! 

Now if I can only secure one lipstick for my handbag! That would be great!

We have bought her a few cheep lipsticks and an eye-shadow! I hope (cross-my fingers) that her own make-up will do the trick!

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