Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Month 8 of living during a pandemic

Mom and daughter at Plaaskombuis

The title sounds a bit melodramatic? But this year has been taxing! Of course I can count all my blessings. But 2020 still sucks rocks! Now I smirk about my word for 2020. There is nothing to grab this year, Karen!

I am walking around with a feeling of existential dread. Constantly. 2020 has brought us ambivalent feelings about everything. Will we ever go back to how it was? The new way of living has become normal. Would we want to go back to the "previous normal"? It has also been good to not catch the normal winter germs, and not get sick this winter...

We have been carrying on since June with one day school/work, and one day at home. My husband found a teaching job for two months, and he has finally landed a job in corporate again. We are very thankful! 

We had a good week of rest at home last week. We ticked off some of our to-do list points, but unfortunately a week is too short. I should have used one day to spend at Home Affairs, but I couldn't find the strength/motivation or whatever is needed for a whole day in a queue. I am still waiting for my unabridged certificate from last year. *big sigh*  

Miss Fine had a good catch-up with some friends, and she got to enjoy the swimming pool in our complex. This summer started with a bang of a heat wave.

I bought myself a Star Wars Pandora charm with a gift card from my birthday, and it feels like the best spoil ever! Definitely a highlight of my holiday. 

I am not yet in the festive season spirit, and it feels like we have lost the brakes to the end of the year! We don't have any plans for December yet! But here we gooooo... 

Are you planning a holiday?

Is it safe to plan a holiday, when there is a possibility of lockdown again?


  1. I'm so happy for you that hubby has a stable job! That is good news. I am also going bananas with this alternate days of school and I put Nicky on the TV in the afternoon my mom is not here. Otherwise she helps me on the school days.
    Yes I am still going away to EL I think I need the break and just to get away.

  2. Great to hear that you are planning a holiday for December, Heather. Good luck for the last part of the year.


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