Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Home Affairs - things you learn while standing in a queue for 7 hours

Sitting in queue at South African Home Affairs
In the queue at Home Affairs

We spent a whole day at Home Affairs yesterday. It was something that had to be done, but we were not looking forward to doing it. It was a mountain to climb, and it was even worse than imagined! (We are so tired of things that are not working!)

The worst!

- There was a majestic queue that snaked already before eight when it was supposed to be opened at eight.

- They only opened at half past eight.

- We were told that they are off-line at about nine-ish. Most of us had taken day's leave and could not afford to take another day. So we decided to stay put. (Some left)

- We were standing in the sun, outside the premises, until 12 pm. Most of us (especially the white ones, especially) were burnt badly.

- We should have taken chairs, hats, umbrellas, water and food. (Most of us did not)

- The poor moms with babies and children. Some were allowed to go forward, but not all! It was crazy hot in the sun!

The unbelievable!

- They do not tell the people in which queues they should be. Even before entering, you should be told that there is collections queue, and a queue for the id's, passports etc. The poor new mom and dad who waited for hours with the rest of us... Just, No!!!

- The websites are not updated, and we rocked up with outdated forms.

- The websites are not updated with the latest information. WHY? It would help so much to know what to have and bring.

- We only get the forms inside, while the forms could have been dished out in the queues, and we could have started filling it in while waiting for hours.

- Put up signs to let people know how it works. Where should we stand?

The best of people!

- People tell their life stories in the queue. We heard of the couple who were robbed and had to get new id's and driver's licences. She could not get a temporary driver's licence before she got an id. She had to have a driver's licence to hire a car to get back to work... When we last saw her, she was not able to secure the driver's licence.

- People shared food, water, umbrellas and medication in the queue. There was a guy with an injured foot who said he stabbed himself while drunk. (What he said??) Everybody was concerned about the swollen foot.

- People kept people's places in the queue.

- There are some good people working at Home Affairs. There was a guy who kept on working through lunch-time to help people. The rest just disappeared for more than a hour.

- Some gave up their much coveted chairs inside in the queues for older people.

But it is done! We can tick this off!


A new year with new adventures!

MomAgain@40 family
Family at Home Affairs


- Go at 14:30 in the afternoons. Things have quieten down quite a bit, and they have to get you through the queues. (Hopefully!)


  1. This is unacceptable and unprofessional. I need to go get my birth certificate but I am dreading going there but I seriously need it.

    Glad you got what you needed.

    1. Try going in the afternoon. We got this as a tip, but were afraid that we would not make it in time. But by looks of things they are more sorted out in the afternoons.

  2. We go there so often now, it sucks every time! IDs and passports are much better done through the banks. Sadly birth and marriage certificates you can still only do there.

    1. Sadly, and we heard in the queue that not everybody get lucky with doing their id's and passports via the banks. That's why they are also still standing in those queues!


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