Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The lessons we have learnt from our daughter

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Laura-Kim's post about the lessons she has learnt from her 4-year old inspires this post. It made me smile. We learn so much about life and ourselves by what our children bring to the table. You would think that they are carbon imprints of ourselves, but NOT at all! They are their own personalities, and they teach us more about life than we sometimes think we teach them about life!

Life lessons we have learnt from our daughter

  • We learnt to have more patience. Patience towards ourselves, but also towards other people. (We are still busy learning this one.) 
  • We can each think differently about life, and it is all okay. There is not only one recipe for life.
  • We don't have to loose our shizz when somebody else loses theirs. (Still learning...)
  • A melt-down as an adult is also not pretty. You can't tell somebody to stay calm when you yourself can't stay calm.
  • Staying calm! 
  • Being happy is not always inherent to our nature. We sometimes have to work on it.
  • Trying to do something is already 99% done. Do not discourage the process.
  • Doing things differently should also be commended, and not reprimanded. We all learn the most by failing and trying again. By saying you know that it won't work, won't help. Life is the best teacher of all.
  • Appreciation of what we have, and how little we really need to make us happy.

This is a list I am going to come back to.

What life lessons have you learnt from your children?

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