Thursday, 12 April 2018

Jodene Shaer tips for using Twitter effectively

Notes for using Twitter effectively - in notebook
Notes to increase Twitter success
Jodene Shaer believes that if it was not for Twitter, her career would have not been so successful. As with all social media platforms, Twitter is changing constantly. Business owners and social media users need to be constantly aware of these changes and how to make full use of Twitter.

Jodene Shaer's tips on how to improve Facebook engagement in 2018, as well her tips for Instagram success have already been shared on the blog. She keeps up with the latest developments, and were kind enough to share some of her Twitter tips at the recent MamaMagic New Products Awards.

Tips on using Twitter effectively

  • Take advantage of the platform, as there are 8 million users in South Africa already.
  • Create a hashtaq which has visibility across all mediums.
  • For business it is best to have an allocated community manager for Twitter.
  • Create a variety of content for Twitter; video, images, polls, questions and informative content. The more visual and engaging, the more engagement on the post.
  • Taq relevant people and brands.
  • Post content at various times to reach various audiences.
  • Take tweets that perform well and recycle.
  • Important: Share content from organisers and events. 
  • Track hashtaqs you have created.
  • Respond to all posts to maintain engagement.

Thanks, Jodene. These are short notes that was taken on the day. Apologies if I missed something.

Do you have any more tips on how to use Twitter effectively?

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