Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Cappuccino Challenge

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The Cappuccino Challenge
"Please order your drink as a TAKE AWAY today, (or use one of those thermos flasks) and go for a 20 minute walk.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a gal in glam heels, a guy in smart work shoes, trainers, slops, barefoot or in cool "Converse's". This is about a quiet walk wherever you happen to be right now.

NO cell phone on your ear, no one to talk to, just YOU and your thoughts, feelings and body responses as you wander….

Give yourself permission to look with "beginner's eyes" and imagine this is the very first time you are seeing this environment. If it is your usual hangout, start looking for things you have never noticed before, noticing how you find yourself responding on the inside.

Notice your breath and your body as you move.

Keep asking yourself "What do I love about what I’m seeing and feeling right now?" BE PRESENT. "

I started doing Kate Emmerson's "THE CAPPUCCINO CHALLENGE" - Fall in love with your real self in 30 days - from the weekend. She gave it as a birthday present on her own birthday!

Today's challenge was DIFFICULT! It is not supposed to be that hard? To be able shut down/open up for 20 minutes?

My notes for today:

- I went and bought the take-away coffee, as it is really one of my favourite spoils. It's pay-day also, after all!
- I bought a packet of Lays potato crisps as well! (Why? I was not hungry! Another spoil! And judging myself for it!)
- I contemplated walking outside, but it is chilly today. I am not in a mood for looking over my shoulder or watching out for criminals, so I went to the internal court-yard at work.
- There was a bit of sun-shine, and clouds overhead.
- I thought of getting a picture of the buildings with the clouds. (Sorry for picking up the phone when I was not supposed to!) But my phone's battery went, and it bothered me for the rest of the 15 minutes outside.
- I was thinking about everything to be thankful for: The clouds, the sky, my job and the fact that I have a job, things looking up for my husband, my family that I enjoy going home to,...
- I was feeling the chill in the air, and thinking about winter approaching. I do not like winter! But told myself just now to change my mindset, as I do every year. To embrace winter! (Maybe this year I will enjoy winter more?)
- Seeing the buildings all around, the buzz of the air-cons, and people sitting around and smoking. I am not supposed to be judging any of it, but feeling stifled in that environment. I told myself to just be aware of it!
- BUT I could still leave there with a sense of gratefulness that I am able to take my lunch-time, and that my salary was paid in today.
- I am happy, healthy and this year is going to be one for the books!
- Also thinking: I should BE PRESENT!

This was difficult, thank you very much, Kate Emmerson!
BUT! It's supposed to be difficult!
I am looking forward to each day's challenge!

I AM going to shift something of myself this year!
I will keep you posted if this challenge is going to shift me!

Please tell me how you change something in your life? Do you purposefully work on it? Do you write it down?


  1. I just make time in the day to do what I love. Write down stuff I want to accomplish in the future as if I've already accomplished it. Then I work on those future stuff in the present.

    1. Great ideas, Anton! I obviously need to allocate a bit of focus time in my day! I am struggling with it!

  2. Observing, not judging, being present and aware, I think these are good lessons. I think it's a good plan to enjoy the cappuccino!

  3. Thanks for your blog. It's made me think


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