Monday, 24 April 2017

Dog Heaven at Walkhaven

Walkhaven, Muldersdrift

We found a Dog Heaven at Walkhaven on Sunday! We are always searching for places in the outdoors that does not cost an arm and a leg. Places that cater for the whole family. What a treat to be able to bring along your dogs as well!

The dogs roam free and they are all well-behaved. Except for our little "monster" that we had to keep on a leash... But she did leave a little bit more calm after all the running around!

Our pavement special "screamed" (there's no better word for it! as all our nerves are shot driving with her!) all the way to Walkhaven. (I think she thinks we are taking her to the vet! Or maybe she can't handle the excitement? Who knows!)

Our old boy, Benji, took it all in his stride, and while missing a few steps and strides, we think he had a lovely time. We even took him off his leash, and he could not be bothered by other dogs sniffing his behind. (The same can't be said for the other anxious one!)

We told Benji several times he can go to the light! (A family joke, because he is OLD, and the regular foul-smelling pees in the house is a huge irritation!) To die while walking in Walkhaven must also be like missing a step crossing over into Dog Heaven! He would carry on walking in the fields...!  But as long as he still catches the snacks with such ease, he must be okay!

Walkhaven is in the Muldersdrift area, right next to the Cradle of Humankind. There are braai and picnic facilities on the premises, as well as a great outdoor restaurant at The Dog Box Grill. We had the burgers as they were on special, but the pizzas look great as well!

Adults pay R35 and children and students R20 for entrance for the day. (Not bad!)

I was there as well! ;-)

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  1. You have cute dogs! Glad you found a good place to take them. Our one remaining (old) dog does not get out much these days and she is getting very fat.


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