Thursday, 13 April 2017

Keeping all the Little Hoots in one place!

I do not post enough of the things she says! But I still love the Little Hoots app.
The app had a critical update in February. The previous design sets are not available anymore, but the new ones are just as nice.

The following have been changed and upgraded! I love it especially the edit function!
  • Three new memory types: capture stories, upload photos or videos
  • The ability to edit memories (created with LittleHoots 2.0 and later) after they’re saved
  • A private network! Invite a spouse to contribute, or close family and friends to keep up with the kids
  • An in-app community feed for memories too-good-not-to-share
  • All new design packs with improved options for design customization
  • Photo filters for pictures uploaded to quotes, conversations or stories

Luckily our previous hoots are still available!
And I still enjoy reading them again!

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I hope you have a lovely Easter Weekend!

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  1. Definitely buy a whole box for Easter. My husband is greedy and bought two boxes!


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