Thursday, 20 April 2017

Roller skating at Roll Egoli - a great family outing!

The holiday period has gone by in a whizz. We were still working, and Little Miss had to go to vacation school. Which is not her favourite place to be during the holidays. (Sorry, Little Miss!)

We promised her an outing to to the roller skating rink at Roll Egoli to make up for the lack of holiday vibe and activities during her holiday.

This was our second time there, as we took her there for her birthday in December.

This is really a good outing for the whole family. It is amazing how fast they learn to skate.

Little Miss taught herself real quick to skate with her roller blades. They have frames at Roll Egoli to help you when you are still trying to stay upright!

At R65 for a 3 hour session it is really worth it! The skates are for hire at R30.

And they have lovely pizzas from a wood-fired oven!

We will be going again!
(Next time I am also going to skate! Watch this space! Why should I miss out on so much fun?)

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