Monday, 13 March 2017

Half a century she is!

I still don't know when it will not be a shock to say the dreaded 50? Will it ever be?

But I've turned the half a century corner! Now I've got the next half a century in front of me!

It's too soon, too quickly! But this post is the final written moan I will give about 50.

There is actually quite a few things I LOVE about being fifty:

- I know who I am!
- I am not that shy self-conscious person I used to be in my teens and twenties! (Who was she even?)
- I can complain about being overweight and the extra lines, but then who cares? Not me any more! And nobody else does! (And nowadays we've got filters in any case!)
- I like the person I am now!
- I like where I am now in life! (Mauritius would have been nice as well, but it's coming!... )
- I like the people I have in my life! 
- I love my family! 
- If there is something that is bothering me, I know I can change it! Yes! 
- And I can plan a Star Wars party, even though people are looking with a bit of bewilderment at me... I don't care! 

The next fifty years! Slay it!, says she!


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