Friday, 17 March 2017

Disrupting the norm at the 2017 Leading Women Summit - Clare Vale

The Leading Women Summit was held last Wednesday on the 8th of March, coinciding with International Women's Day! It is a day that should be marked in our calendars. I got so much inspiration from fellow South African women!

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All the speakers are "disrupting the norm", and at the forefront of their specialties! I can rave about each and every one of them that was there!
Clare Vale

Clare Vale is one such inspirational woman! She calls herself First Lady in Racing.
She started at age 41 with Drifting Motorsport, and at age 54 she is at the top of her game! Is that not gob-smacking awesome?

Clare Vale
She also implores women to learn how to change their own tires, and to learn how to drive in adverse situations!

(She "speaks" to me, because I was just so trusting on the car salesman that I took my car in for it's 15 000 km service, when in fact it was very far from that 15 000 km mark. Just because I did not check my odometer reading from moment I got my car! *SMH* Now they could not service my car this week when I took it for the real 15 000 service...)

You go, girl! (Speaking to Clare Vale)

It was a day well spent!

Disclaimer: I got a free ticket to attend!

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