Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Holiday blues after a week at the beach

We had the most wonderful week at the beach the previous week! We are lucky to have been able to go. I do love a beach holiday the most!

My brother joined us at the Kwazulu-Natal South Coast from Seattle. He is chasing a bit of sun as it is winter on that side and very cold now! It was lovely to have him there as well!

Little Miss had a great time! I asked her about her highlights. She only regrets that she did not get enough time in the waves, because it was windy at first! Swimming in the sea is the best! She also loved doing flips in the swimming pool with her dad and on her own. Also getting a tracing pad to do her sketches from her uncle.
(It's the little things that count!)

The Aloes

I know I should not be complaining, but it does not feel right to be back at the grind and working just before Christmas. Most people are only going on holiday now or over the Christmas/New Year period!

The only way I know now of how to cope with holiday blues is to page through our photos! I will be beach-spamming my Instagram account until the blues go away! (Sorry! Not sorry!)

Are you going on holiday, and where are you going?
What kind of holiday do you love the most?
Do you prefer to stay home during the holidays?


  1. Oh the beach! (Or second the bush) We are leaving on the 21st - can't wait

  2. Bournemouth Beach for 4 nights over Christmas. Walking on the beach with boots, coats, scarfe and gloves! But the sea still have it's own magic in the UK.

    1. RonĂȘl, you are the only person I know going out and about in storms and snow and wind! ;-) That's totally fantastic!

  3. Staying at home as I'm working most of the time. I find everywhere too chaotic at this time of the year so we don't go anywhere

  4. Ah lovely pics I am so glad you had beach time. We have also had some time in the sun and has been so good for all of us.


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