Thursday, 15 December 2016

Glass full

Screen print from #Aleppo on Twitter
The ongoing tragedy of Aleppo and so many refugees worldwide struggling over this Christmas period get to me. As a mother it's horrifying watching the videos and clips on social media! Watching a boy cry for his dad that was just killed... I can't!! I am thinking about the children and how it must be being stuck in situations like that!

I am sure we have no idea!!

I am trying to tell Little Miss to not always recount her half empty glass of woe! She's got nothing to complain about! I try telling her about the situation the children - with their parents - find themselves in, but I can see that she does not really understand. I will also not complain anymore about my holiday blues after we have had our holiday break already! How utterly selfish of us!

The Huffington Post came up with a list of organisations we can donate to.
There's much more if you do a search!

This end of year I will be focusing on gratitude!

How do I teach her being more grateful?
I will go search for ideas to put in a blog post!
Your inputs will be greatly appreciated!


  1. It truly is heart breaking. My heart bleeds for families that would never be the same again.

    I'm Hoping to pass on to my child that Christmas isn't about gift giving. Growing up we didn't do the tons of gift under the tree thing. It was about going to church to celebrate, come home to a good meal and spending time with loved ones.

    I believe the one thing which hopefully we all Do already is teaching our kids to say thank you for the things we do for them and for the gifts they receive and also not giving into every cry for material things. A friend told me what she does is if her kids get a new toy they had to donate one of their old toys to the less privileged

  2. This reality is making me sad 😟

  3. We are so lucky. One thing I do with Nicky before we go to bed is to say the things we are grateful for. He sometimes lists arb things like curtains but I think its a good habit.

  4. Its a sad reality and I agree, we need to remind our kids of how much we have to be thankful for.
    We recently donated some of our kids stuffed toys to a children's home, which was a good lesson for Alyssa who realised there are less fortunate kids than her.


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