Friday, 21 October 2016

Parenting is a series of negotiations about clothes

It happens every single day! The negotiations about clothes!

It helps a bit that she wears school clothes, or we would never have been in time during the school week! It is worse over the weekend when she has a whole cupboard full of clothes to choose from, and she only wants to wear her favourites that are in the wash. The best meltdowns have been about clothes and what to wear!

This morning she wanted to go without shoes, although it was raining and cold. She has eczema underneath her toes, and it is never a good idea to go without shoes, as it gets very dry and itchy when she goes barefoot.

But that does not matter! We have to tell her each morning it is a better idea to wear her shoes! And it needs a LOT of convincing.

Then the jacket. She never wants to wear a jacket, UNTIL she is freezing! Usually when we have arrived at our destination... Or in the shops at the frozen section... That's why the parents have to drag a jacket along every single time!  (Now if we can only remember it every single time!)

She has always been very particular about her clothes. I called her a Princessionista at nearly three years of age, and she still has very specific ideas about clothes!

Do you also struggle daily with negotiations about clothes, or are you lucky with kids that wear the jacket and shoes?


  1. I guess I am lucky. The only battles so far seem to be over pajamas and it's not a train smash if he wants to wear his spiderman outfit to sleep!

  2. You could be describing my little girl. The part that kills me is changing clothes up to 4 times in 1 day. Her brother on the other hand would be happy to live in his PJ's and pulls on what ever his hand hits when he opens the drawer

  3. I have to always ask the boys - jacket, shoes.... A now at 11 is at least thinking for herself but she is now at the "I have nothing to wear" pahse


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