Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Grab the summer!

Saturday was such a grab-worthy day!

The Voortrekkers had a day planned with water sports, and braai bread creations...
We were planning to go to the gymnastics at 11, but this was just a too good opportunity to not make use of everything that they had planned for the children. We are never disappointed with the Voortrekker (similar than Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts) activities!

(I can just imagine how much we would have enjoyed this when we were small!)

The children could not get enough of sliding down the water slide and playing in the water. All the parents had to "extract" their children, and it looks as if most of them were not happy to leave. The children also took part in a braai (barbecue) bread competition over fire. Little Miss and her Dad planned it for the week before the time!

Do you also sometimes skip a activity for another? Do you feel guilty about it, especially when you have paid?

Little Miss, I hope you remember this day?


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