Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Barbie in an out of this world adventure – Starlight Adventure

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Barbie Starlight Adventure
Barbie® returns for an adventure in an exhilarating new movie, Star Light Adventure. Flying through the galaxy to a faraway universe, the cosmic princess Barbie® and her adorable and trusty new pet Pupcorn will find a world like no other. But this world is in danger. The once bright and sparkling stars have started to slow their dance and fade. Barbie® has been set a new mission - to save the fading stars!
We were invited to a screening of this delightful movie. Although Little Miss does not want to share in class that she attended this event (“They are going to laugh at me!”), she loved the movie and the whole experience on Saturday. I do think that most girls (including me) still love Barbie!
(Some of us just don’t want it to be common knowledge! ;-)

Sci Bono
At the beautiful Sci Bono Centre in Newtown

Cupcake decorating

Photo op with Barbie!!

Barbie Starlight Adventure Screening at Sci Bono

Barbie, Starlight Adventure
You can be anything!

#youcanbeanything, #starlightadventure
Movie face!

The Barbie Starlight Adventure surprised me. (I needed the catch-up!) I was not aware that Barbie is going into space with cosmic adventures. Do you? There are no barriers anymore for little girls and their dreams!
You can be anything!
A great message that I would like to impart on my daughter on International Day of the Girl today!

Do your little ones still play with Barbie?

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