Friday, 15 July 2016

So Mom fails the number patterns in Grade 2 Maths

Number patterns
Little Miss had a fantastic report for the previous semester! She is doing very well!
There was just one score that was glaringly obvious! The number patterns did not get a great score!

And guess whose fault is that? I thought it was super easy, we did not have to check it at home. She does her homework already at aftercare, and we just have to follow up at night...

She even has a numbers card which I thought was so glaringly obvious that we don't need to look at while going through the numbers... (No, says a Grade 2 Teacher! She still needs to look at it!)

So I failed dismally!

I was again reminded that ALL homework are important, and I can't skip the "easy" ones!

Sorry, Little Miss!
We will be doing a lot more of this for next semester!

Do you know of any great educational sites where I can download some of the number pattern sheets?


  1. DO you know the Pracmaths set of books? They have great exercises for maths - At About R90 a book its not expensive

  2. I'm so bad with Maths, good luck with this...


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