Tuesday, 19 July 2016

5 Reasons why school holidays are the best even though we did not go away!


We have three weeks of school holidays during winter in South Africa!
It was back-to-school yesterday already, and we are back to reality!

Although we did not go away this year, it felt like a break for us as well!
We continued working and Little Miss had to go to Holiday School, but it was a break from the daily rat race!

Five reasons why school holidays give everybody a break

1. The traffic is tolerable and we get a break with regards the volume of the traffic and the time we need to get out of the house! Especially in winter where it is still dark at 6 am.
This alone gets all the marks for school holidays! My daily commute is a lot less stressful and shorter!

2. We can sleep in for a bit longer! I had 30 minutes more in bed each morning, and Little Miss could also get at least an hour more!

3. We don't have to rush home to do homework, and we can be more relaxed with bed-times.

4. We don't have to rush from one extra-mural activity to another!

5. At work it is also a more relaxed as many people are on holiday, and we have to give them time to get back in the office again. My calender was not as full as always!

I can have more of these, and you?
How was the holidays?


  1. Exactly! I love that I can sleep almost an hour later during the holidays - and just the change of pace

  2. I agree with you on the traffic. :)


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