Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The time we needed a personal loan badly - some good advice

Don't we all consider a personal loan one time or another? Or maybe it's just us?
But this year has been one of those years...

We first tried to get a student loan, but were caught in the catch-22 of a student loan. You first have to show your registration form from university before the student loan can be approved. We wanted to get the loan to be able to afford that first hefty registration fee...

We also had the wonderful holiday in San Antonio earlier, and we were really worried that we would not be able to afford everything that goes with a holiday with our Rand/Dollar exchange rates! I also shared this scenario before we went on our trip, and that we were seriously considering taking a personal loan...

I am glad to say that both times we were able to get by without going the route of a personal loan!
Because it is still the best way to go! Not getting that personal loan!

But if there are no other options available, there are 5 ways to use personal loans wisely that is worth exploring!

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  1. We have always been very allergic to getting loans or make debt...something that I am very grateful for today.


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