Thursday, 17 September 2015

Age and bad hair days increasing exponentially

I do not want to complain about getting older...  (Its a pointless exercise!)

It is just a fact of life! Getting old presents itself exponentially in so many ways! I have just so much more compassion about all the times my grandmother used to complain about the age spots and lost teeth and...
At that stage I had an attitude: "Deal with it, Grandma! You ARE old! That's life!"
(It's coming back to haunt me! Every dog gets it's day! My Ouma must be smiling right now!)

I have battling the Grey since my twenties, and by now I cannot go through a whole month before I have to wear my favourite caps or scarves!
I HAVE to colour every month!

Bad hair days are definitely increasing with age!

That's why it was such a treat last weekend after I had won a cut and blow at Ultimate Hair by Judy through Wenchy's Facebook Page.
The whole family did not go to the hairdresser for a whole year before we went overseas this year. It was just one of the ways to save a bit. My hair was a bit lot neglected!

I made sure that I added colour before I went, and it was lovely to walk out and feeling that I have outsmarted age, if only for that day!

Ultimate Hair by Judy 

Judy has her own hair salon at her home, which keeps her overheads lower than those in the malls.

I think I have found my hairdresser!

Thank you Wenchy and Judy!



  1. Wow, Love the after shot. At our age it is hair and eyes and never forget the teeth. I pulled one of my crowns when eating a no more toffees at my age if I want to keep my teeth :-)

  2. your hair looks fab, i too have been colouring the grey since my mid 20s. i've been dying mine every 3 weeks or so at home as since we moved to Dubai it's just too expensive

    1. I probably should also do it every three weeks... At home! Colouring at a hair salon is very expensive!

  3. That really is a good way to save money, hairdressers cost so much these days But you look fab now.


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