Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Sensory issues

I love parenting in this Internet Age. When we have questions, we can ask Dear Old Google, and he always comes up with a great number of solutions or diagnose the "problem".

(But it can also lead to over-analysing and worrying! I know!)

I do think our Little Miss has some sensory issues. I have expressed my concerns before. She still get emotional melt-downs or tantrums. 

I have even taken it up in an email with the OT, but she just said it is very difficult to distinguish between auditory sensitivity and just being emotional. She assured me that hearing sensitivity is a real thing that many people are struggling with and that there is much that one can do about it. The auditory nerve has a very strong connection with the limbic system (emotional brain) which makes it sometimes difficult to distinguish whether a child is sensitive about the emotional and whether they are emotional about the sensitivity to sounds. She said that it is important to address the core of the problem! Totally agree, but now how do I get to the core?

I have observed that we are always in a tap-dance with regards clothes and how it feels/bothers her! There is always something about being hungry/not hungry, thirsty, hot/cold, noise around her! She really keeps us on our toes! I also try to sort out the clothes and issues as much as possible, because I know that it can put a severe damper on her going forward and doing something constructive. I imagine myself at school with clothes that bothers me (for example) and then I can't hear what the teacher says... 

It feels to me as if it is getting worse, or maybe it is just because she is able to express herself better! 

I can now understand why she used to not sleep so much when she was little. There must have been something bothering her. I am sooooo glad that I did not let her cry, and I am sooooo glad about the extended breastfeeding. Something that we did do that we do not have to beat ourselves up about! 

On a positive note: Little Miss got a great report card, and we are seeing her teacher for five minutes tonight! I will ask for some feedback from her. I was reluctant to raise a flag from the beginning of the year, and did not say anything to the teacher about her being young for her age group... 

This parenting thing is not for sissies! 
You cannot say because you have successfully raised one human being you have got it figured for the rest! They are all their own persons with their own "manuals", writing them as we go along!

I am writing this down for you, Little Miss! (Six years and four months today!)
We are trying to understand you! 

(I hope you won't be an angry person for life!)


  1. I really hope that OT can give some practical steps to help. Sorry you are struggling with this.

  2. I hear you with regards to parenting ...you dont know how good you are till theyre adults . I say this with 'apt pupil' by Stephen King in mind. *Strongs* I know they all do come with their own special brand of complexities . We just have to roll with it. You're doing amazingly well so far - to have noticed it in the first place!


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