Monday, 13 April 2015

Happy 30th birthday, Philips Avent! #tinythings

We were invited to the Philip Avent 30th birthday celebration at the lovely Il Giardino at 44 on Stanley on Saturday. I took Little Miss and The Student along.

I have a small anecdote to tell about Philips Avent. 21 years back when my eldest had to go on the bottle, we did not know anything about BPA-free bottles, and I bought the cheapest on the shelve.
The second time around, 15 years later (6 years ago), I knew something about bottles that should be BPA-free. I also wanted to try harder at the breastfeeding thing, and searched for breast pumps. I found the whole set of Philips Avent breast pump and bottles on the shelve at the nearest Dischem, which was also the most cost-effective. It could also claim it back from my medical aid, which really helped! We used them exclusively for the duration of her bottle drinking while she was at day care. I also carried the breast pump to work with me, and expressed twice until she was nine months old.

The following is a quote by Philips Avent:
"We believe that the smallest things can make the biggest difference. A picture capturing your child’s firsts can cement a lifetime of beautiful memories that you will always hold dear.
Having shared three decades of memoirs with moms and their precious babies, Philips AVENT is celebrating its 30th Birthday this April."

Il Giardino venue
Yummy food!

Philips Avent Baby of the Year Bokamosa Moloi with family
Little Miss had a great time with cupcake decorating, colouring, face-painting and making hand-prints.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write anything. 
We got our hand prints in a frame and a photo-mobile, and of course the lovely breakfast and entertainment!


  1. Ok so I need to know how this 'claim it back from medical aid ' thing works?? Oh and the event itself looks like it was so much fun - especially for the cute Little Miss :)

    1. If you still have your purchase slips from the place you bought your breast pump, you will be able to claim it back from your medical aid. I am not on Discovery, and our medical aid also paid for it! (I suppose it depends on the scheme rules)

  2. Faz, Discovery does that with breast pumps, you can do that. Dischem will help you too.
    Karen I'm glad you had a good time - I did too! Nice to see your family in the flesh!

    1. Same here, Heather! Love those photos of Nicky with the cake and the VIPs of the day ;-) at @safricamomblogs


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