Friday, 17 April 2015

Disney Africa launched two new websites for parents and children

As a parent I am always keen to explore websites with information about parenting and everything to do with our children. It is even nicer when my child can explore with me through games and activities.

Disney Africa in collaboration with Discovery Vitaly launched two new websites in April:
Disney Baby Africa and Disney Healthy Living
"Creating magical moments from the beginning"

Disney Baby Africa is a great website for expecting and new parents with information and resources for the early years of raising their children. There are sections for "Getting Ready", "Dressing", "On-the-go", "Playtime", "Nursery" and "Milestones". The website also links up to Disney videos, games and activities for children.

[We just could not get the videos playing of the mini adventures with Winnie the Pooh and friends on the main page, not on my iPad and not on my PC. (?)]
"Celebrating healthy and happy families"
Disney Healthy Living is an engaging website helping families to live more healthy with healthy eating habits and physical activity. There is a Did you know? section which covers the body, food and getting active. There is a Create and Play section, as well as a Recipe  section with healthy, easy and fun food suggestions. Perfect for the fussy eaters!

There's a couple of recipes I am definitely going to try, such as the sandwich sushi.
How ingenious is this?
Sandwich sushi
Both websites are worth checking out!

The final word from Christine Service, Senior Vice President and Country Manager for The Walt Disney Company Africa:
“One of Disney’s unique qualities is the strength of its emotional connection with families. This stems from the shared Disney experiences families have from their own childhood through to connecting with the characters and stories as adults and parents,” says  “The Disney Healthy Living and Disney Baby Africa websites celebrate, support and even inspire new magical family moments. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Discovery Vitality in bringing these online destinations to South Africa.”

Disclaimer: I received the following package from Disney Africa, which includes a Consol water bottle, a Discovery Vitality cellphone arm holder, a Naartjie bib and lovely baby socks. (Luckily I now have someone at work who had a baby recently who I can pass it onto)

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