Monday, 30 March 2015

A weekend of recovering

As much as I thought the previous time that Home Affairs was a breeze when we applied for our passports, as much my mind has been changed completely!

We were there on Saturday at half past seven, and the queue was a queue ... was A QUEUE!.
It took ages to get in there as they do not let everybody go into the building all at once. (Which makes sense!)

We had to be there with Little Miss as her thumb print is required again when picking up the passports. She was hungry (of course!) for three whining hours long. The breakfast bars only went as far as breakfast bars could go.

We finally got our passports, but it was an epic!

We did not do anything much the rest of the weekend!

Earth Hour 2015
We switched off the lights on Saturday at 20:30, and got very sleepy with the dark of the dark hour! Earth Hour is always something we enjoy doing with the children.

In final news: Little Miss pulled her seventh teeth yesterday. It is the first one that she managed to dislodge herself, and she was very proud.

The Tooth Mouse was also very eager, and she got R15 (a note and a R5 coin, nogals), while she was in the bath. The note stated that he was very impressed with the quality of her teeth!


Little Miss is attending Vacation School during the holidays. She is still eager to go to school while they are keeping them busy. With an extra payment from the parents (of course!), but it helps as we are busy saving leave for the longer vacations coming up!

What are you doing with the kids during the school holidays?


  1. Mine stay at home with Lucy - not always that happy about it but is the best we can do. I provide some craft stuff and we schedule a day or so a week for a fun event. And gosh - my 7 year od boy shave both only lost 5 teeth!

  2. Oh my word...K and I have already decided to drive through to Uitenhage for our passport and drivers licence renewals. I sat at SARS the whole day last Wednesday to lodge an objection...what a mission.

  3. sorry the queue was so long! at least you have them now, and can get excited for your trip!


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