Friday, 15 November 2013

Nintendo 2DS - a great Christmas present

I was invited to a Nintendo 2DS launch a while back. I was intrigued as I am not a gamer, and usually get bored after a few tries with a new game. Although I personally think it is great to be into gaming, and that I usually look at gamers with a little bit of awe.

I accepted because I thought this would be great to check out for a Christmas present for the Little Missy. Her birthday and Christmas are around the corner, and this year we haven't decided yet on what to buy for her...

The Nintendo 2DS is part of the Nintendo 3DS family, and all the games and features of the 3DS are also available to the 2DS, minus the 3D viewing. The rest of the tech details can be Googled in a jiffy. (It sounds awesome to a layman like me.)

"Work is catching up with the way we play." 
"Love it or hate it! We are always "on"!"

These two quotes are true of the times we are living in!

I was surprised at the many features that are already available on the Nintendo. It is great that it connects over Wi-fi and updates automatically. Every time I have played with it, I have discovered a new feature. I welcome the idea that there is a lot to discover. I know that it will keep Little Missy busy for years to come. (Mom as well...)

It has a two-sided camera, and a sound recorder. And a shop. And settings that allows parents to ensure that their children does not incidentally opens up it up in unwanted websites...

Little Missy immediately gave us some Miekanese when playing with it for the first time.

  (Warning: the sound is a bit loud when switched on)

We also got the Mario Bros game with it. That is one of the most well-known games, apparently? Now I won't go all blank when Mario comes up in conversation, as I did previously. Mario is keeping us busy already!

The games are going for R79, which also makes it great future presents that is not heavy on the budget.

The Nintendo 2DS is available for R1500 in the South African stores. It is not that cheap, but compared to other gaming consoles and tablets on the market, it is a reachable amount as well as a durable present. It does not break when it there is an accidental fall on the floor. (Big score!)

I am telling my friends about the Nintendo 2DS to consider as a Christmas present this year!

Disclaimer: We got this Nintendo 2DS to play with, with a Mario Bros game included.

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