Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Horrorwood at Brightwater Commons - we were missing that smile!

We went to the yearly Halloween event at the Brightwater Commons. Everybody was dressed, and there was lots of fun activities.

Little Missy could not wait for it, and was asking each time we drove past there in the year.
It finally happened, BUT she was in a bad mood. All the waiting and the excitement and choosing her outfit from her cupboard and talking about it...

 (It is difficult to be nearly 5! "sigh")

We could not get her to smile! She kept telling us that she is shy!
At the House of Horrors (we did not go in there)

Trick or Treats at all of the shops
There were crowds
Where's the smile?
I think we will skip it for next year, or maybe when she turns five in a month the tantrums will dissipate for good? (Please!)

We made a booking before the time at one of our favourite restaurants, Babylon Again, and that went down very well. We watched the people walking by in their costumes, while we had a lovely evening dinner!

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  1. I know the feeling... I am also hoping the tantrums end at 5. Just a few more months to go:) Looks like a lot of fun so a pity she was in a mood. Such a cute costume.

  2. I hope that the tantrums end soon...am missing her pretty smile.

  3. We live close to there. Might do that when Nicky is older... Love that restaurant too. I'm glad you had a good time.


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