Monday, 11 November 2013

A party at the Color Café

Little Missy was invited to a party at the Color Cafe in Hyde Square.
It is such a lovely venue for a girl's party.

All set for ceramic painting
The girls started out with enthusiasm painting their fairies, but it dwindled after they realised that each colour had to be repainted three times!
That's where the mothers stepped in. (With much more enthusiasm!)
It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning, while the girls had a ride on their scooters and played with their balloons.

The birthday girl at the far end of the table

Ceramic painting

The colourful table

Mom's Little Missy's creation
(A kind lady from The Color Café painted in the face afterwards)

The Color Cafe


This was a lot of fun for the girls, and Little Missy can't wait to get her painted fairy. It needs to be collected afterwards.


  1. Looks really nice! If I had a girl I'd be right there!

  2. How wonderful that they get to explore art and have a party at the same time. Awesome idea.


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