Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Scrabble - the original all-time favourite family game

Scrabble SA
Mattel's Scrabble SA

"Bring your own words into play" - ©Scrabble


One of our all-time favourite games: Scrabble. We have many fond memories of playing Scrabble with family and friends. We got a Scrabble Original game from Mattel last week.There was nothing better than ending a year of school during a pandemic, than a relaxing game of Scrabble with a friend. The girls had so much fun, and even more so when they took a bit of liberty with "creative" words. 😉

Scrabble SA - girls playing
Scrabble fun

The history of Scrabble is very interesting:

During America's Great Depression, in 1933, an out of work architect named Alfred Mosher Butts invented the game. The established game manufacturers were not interested in his invention. Only when Alfred Butts met James Brunot, a game-loving entrepreneur, it all came together. They refined the rules and design and came up with the name SCRABBLE - a word defined as 'to grasp, collect, or hold on to something'. The SCRABBLE Brand Crossword Game was trademarked in 1948, and the rest is history  pure board game fun!

                                                                                          - ©Scrabble


Scrabble close-up
Mattel Scrabble 


1. The board game is great for family time spend together. It says from 10 years and up, but we have been playing since Miss Fine started to read (with a bit of supervision). We also help out when she get stuck, even now.

2. Scrabble helps with spelling, and finding new words for a bigger vocabulary. We play with the dictionary on hand. 

3. It is a relative easy and simple game to start playing, but it can become quite competitive when the scores go higher and higher. 

4. Scrabble is good for the brain. It targets a specific are in the brain which can arrest the progress of neurological disorders. See Top 6 reasons why Scrabble is good for the brain. It totally makes sense! (Guess who is going to play a lot of Scrabble these holidays? 😁)

5. Scrabble is a fun game, and there is usually a lot of laughter and banter about words, and word choices. It definitely decreases a lot of stress in the household. We could all do with less stress!

Try it!

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