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Nunuki SPF and bug cream - review

Nunuki SPF Suncream and bug cream
Nunuki Suncream and Bug cream gift pack

We have been using Nunuki Suncream SPF 30 and Bug Cream for a couple of weeks, after we received a blog drop. We are already very impressed with the product. Nunuki is being branded as "Baby products for Little Humans", but the entire family has been using it. Miss Fine really loves the easy-to-use silky soft cream, which does not irritate her eczema prone skin. She also has been using the bug cream every night, because she does not have the protection of a mosquito net anymore. It does keeps the mozzies away!   

These are our reasons for loving it, and why we will be buying it again. (See the review below.)

Nunuki sunscream and bug cream in mirror
Nunuki sunscream and bug cream


Review of Lello's Protecting Sunscreen SPF 30 and Maxi's Pesky Bug Cream

- The products are specifically formulated for the harsh South African climate.

- The products are for little humans, which makes it super safe for people with eczema and sensitive skin as well.

- The products are dermatologically tested and approved. It is also endorsed by CANSA.

- Both the products absorbs very easily into the skin, and does not leave you with sticky or oily skin. 

- I have been using the Sunscreen as a daily cream, and are really impressed with how soft my skin feels. 

- Both the sunscream and the bug cream are hydrating, and moisturising, which are great for every day use. The citronella and lemongrass fragrance of the bug cream is easy on the nose, but keeps the bugs away.

- Nunuki products are vegan (except the bum cream), which makes it cruelty-free. This gets a huge check mark from us!

- The products are affordably priced, with R140 for the 150ml Sunscreen, and the 150ml insect repellent at R70 (checked on Takealot). 

- The packaging are so cool, with Nunuki’s awesome characters, "Lello who has sun protecting powers, and Maxi whose muscles fight away mosquitoes and other bullying bugs".

Nunuki Lello's Protecting Suncream SPF 30 and Maxi's Bug Cream

NĂ¡na Lloyd, the founder of Nunuki, gives a few helpful insights by unpacking the scent, formulation and directions for use of Nunuki’s bug cream and SPF:

Nunuki’s Bug Cream:

We developed Maxi’s Bug cream as an insect repellent that can double-up as a moisturising cream as well. Just rub onto your little ones body after bath time in summer – the avocado oil, shea butter and grape seed oil will keep your little ones skin hydrated, while the lemongrass and citronella will repel mosquitoes. We recommend you apply a thick layer of cream, and remember to top-up after 4-6 hours, as the natural repellent starts fading after time.

Citronella oil (which comes from the lemongrass plant) and lemongrass smells fresh and ‘lemony’. The smell is distinctive, but not overpowering in Maxi’s bug cream.

The National Pesticide Information Center explained that citronella repels mosquitoes by masking scents that mosquitoes are naturally attracted to, which in turn makes it difficult for mosquitoes to locate food. Mosquitoes find their human hosts by sensing the carbon dioxide we breathe out. But when they get close they locate sites for feeding by detecting volatile chemicals given off by human skin. Citronella masks carbon dioxide and lactic acid in humans, two scents that are attractive to mosquitoes.

Nunuki’s SPF 30:

A small amount of babies & kids sunscreens when absolutely needed will be safe for babies , however little ones under 6 months have very thin skin and should avoid being exposed to the sun (between 10h00 and 16h00). The melanin (pigment that helps absorb the sun’s rays) only starts forming from 6 months, meaning their little skins burns much more quickly than big-kid or grown-up skin. Remember to always patch-test your chosen sunscreen to see if there is any reaction – our skins are all unique, and different ingredients affect different types of skin.

Toddlers are really busy, so sunscreen need to be reapplied every 2 hours. Therefore, a 30SPF (applied liberally) will be sufficient – SPF (Sun Protection Factor) refers to the duration of protection against UVB rays – therefore 30SPF will protect against UVB rays 30 times longer than without sunscreen (and a 50 SPF will protect 50 times longer) – but both these factors protect against 98% of UVB rays. And seeing that dermatologist recommend to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, a 30 SPF will provide sufficient UVB protection.

It is important to check whether the sunscreen has sufficient UVA protection (indicated with UVA and a circle around it) . Parents can choose between chemical protection (lies on the 2nd layer of the skin to block the sun or mineral options that lies on top of the skin and reflects the sun (check non-nano specification here).

Nunuki sunscreen and bug cream
Miss Fine with her school bag of essentials, including Nunuki products

 Disclaimer: We were sent the Nunuki SPF and bug cream in exchange for an honest review.

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