Thursday 22 October 2020

Another winner via Booktasters - The Network, by Margaret Lomas (review)

The Network

I am trying my utmost to read mostly escapist type of fiction during this time. I am struggling during this pandemic to stay positive, but a good book does the trick. I was lucky to get The Network, by Margaret Lomas, via Booktasters. 

This is my review, in exchange for a free pdf copy of the book.

The NetworkThe Network by Margaret Lomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a pdf copy of this book via Booktasters, in exchange for a honest review.

The storyline transports you to Jakarta, in Indonesia. It is an adventure from the first line, and Samantha is a truly inspiring main character, who we meet as an upcoming reporter in Australia. She gets to take on the challenge of a new job, in a new city in Indonesia.

She is dealing with the loss and betrayal of a former love, while meeting a new love interest in Jakarta. There's the journalistic excitement that comes with a new job, and new stories that needs to be unraveled. We are not exactly sure who are the antagonists. It can be very close to home, in the character of a close friend, or the wider socio-religious-political climate? All this makes for a wonderful read. It keeps us guessing until the last pages. The city of Jakarta comes alive with all its colours, smells and splendours in which Sam emerges herself.

Thank you for taking us on this inner and outer journey, and for new worlds being opened to us, Margaret Lomas. This is a great escapist read!

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