Monday, 10 June 2019

Hot Chocolate to die for! - Proudly SA

Craft Coffee Hot Chocolate bag in front of Takealot box
Hot Chocolate Craft Coffee from Takealot
It's really cold here. I know, I know! It's not as cold as anywhere else, but here on the south point of Africa we really struggle during the 3 months of winter. That's all we talk about! Our houses are not equipped for the chilly evenings, and we are COLD! That's why the simple things such as a hot chocolate drinks are real lifesavers. There's nothing NOTHING as soothing as a cup of hot chocolate just before bed, or in the mornings before school drop-off.

I was scrolling through Takealot searching for a Father Day's idea, when I saw this special deal. The Craft Coffee Hot Chocolate is still 45 ZAR (usually 59 ZAR), and I have included it in my MomAgain@40 Shweshwe goody bag give-away.

We finished our bag this weekend. (Sorry, we did not get a picture of the deliciousness. It would have been Insta-worthy.) It is the best Hot Chocolate ever. Miss Fine says it is just as good as restaurant hot chocolate. We say it is even better that restaurant hot chocolate! One scoop of 40 grams makes a mean cup of hot chocolate, with a little bit of sweetness included. We did not try it with hot water because we just love the smooth milky taste of a hot chocolate.

Copy from the Takealot website:

Craft Coffee is a proudly South African brand based in the cultural hub of Newtown within the Johannesburg CBD. Craft Coffee is an artisinal focused Coffee Roasting Business offering years of dedicated passion to the coffee industry. Roasting is a passion, and at Craft Coffee our culture is exemplified by the professional staff who are committed to offering top quality roasted coffee products. Our beans are ethically and traceably sourced thus supporting, investing and uplifting farmers worldwide. Combining art and science, we produce some of the best roasted coffee in the world - quality and consistency is our key to success. 
- Produced In-house by Craft Coffee in their Newtown roastery
- Excellent full bodied instant hot chocolate that can be made easily with either hot milk or boiling water

Just add it with your next purchase. Or else follow the Rafflecopter give-away on the blog to win it with the rest of some of my favourite goodies. (Only open to South African residents)

Hope you keep warm.

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