Thursday, 13 June 2019

A unicorn cable cover from Typo - because you need it!

Package with Typo Cable Cover
Typo Novelty Cable Cover

You cannot go into Typo and walk out without buying something something. I had to replace a cable for my previous phone. It was extremely expensive, and my phone was at the end of it's life already. This time I am making sure I don't have to! With a Typo cable cover that's super cool as well!

Techgirl shared the unicorn Typo cable cover on her feed, and I had to get it. Typo has an assortment of different types, but nothing comes to the unicorn. You get 3 for 100 ZAR, which is not bad at all. Especially if you think about the cost of a new cable. These are also great for gift bag extras.

Why you need a cable cover?

  • Charge and customise your phone in style.
  • Collect all the cable covers.
  • Compatible with most cables.
  • Protects and saves your cable.
  • Handy to keep as a little thank you or extra in the gift bag.

There is one up for grabs as part of the Shweshwe goody bag give-away. Unfortunately only for South African residents.

Good luck!

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Disclaimer: This give-away is not sponsored. It is just some of the things I love at the moment!

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