Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Being bullied for using a car seat

Little Miss regularly comes home telling us that the other kids are saying that she is a baby for still sitting in a car seat. They see it when we drop her off or fetch from school. It bothers her! (Of course!)

I have to ask if the parents don't care?

I even heard it two weeks back when I picked up two of her friends at school. When they saw the car seat they asked her in condescending tones why she is still sitting in one! I had to chip in and tell them that they should also still be sitting in booster seats, and that it is the safest way to commute in the car!

I have to ask if the parents don't care?

The #carseatfullstop campaign has been doing the rounds. I was not part of it, but I fully support it!

Little Miss was even a bit envious yesterday afternoon when one of her friends got into the front seat of the nanny's car, without strapping in...

I have to ask if the parents don't care?

My speech usually revolves around children who get hurt when they are not strapped in properly, and not seated in a proper car seat. Would the children still be laughing at her when they get hurt? Would the parents still think it is okay when they are in an accident and their children get hurt?
We also tell her that it is law, and that we are expected to buckle them in!

What more can I say to her?

The children in her age group are 8 years. Surely they still need to be in car seats?

It bothers me that so many children can get injured unnecessarily!

I have to ask if the parents don't care?

Photos found through a "car seat" search on my iPhone. (Love this new iOS Memories feature!)


  1. Evidently the parents don't care. I like the fact that Nicky's batman seat can come apart and grow as he grows. It has a clear kilogram indicator as to when you move on. Stay strong!

  2. My little guy is constantly teased by his cousins. They stopped using car seats at age 2 and hardly used them before. E is seven and still sits in his car seat and will until he is too tall.Drives me nuts that people can be so uncaring.

    1. It seems as if the messages of how unsafe it is to not use a car seat are not catching on?

  3. It makes life so hard when not everyone follows the rules.


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