Wednesday, 7 September 2016

No friends

What can the mother and father do to help?

I wish I can help, but don't know what to do except than trying to tell her to be nice to her friends? To be the friend she would like to have in her friends?

Little Miss has been complaining for the past few weeks that she has no friends at school. She does not have friends to play with during break times, or at the aftercare.
She had the fall-out with a best buddy. She will never forget that day. It seems it is escalating. The heartache of girl politics is taking its toll! She is being excluded from the girl cliques.

She told her dad last night that she climbs a jungle gym at school during break times with a sandwich bag in her mouth, and eats her food while watching the playground... She took a file with papers and coloured pencils to school today to help her keep busy during breaks!

Oh, man!

It breaks my heart!


  1. She can always make new friends by herself. She can form her own clique Be the friend that you want to have.

  2. Karen - look at the little girls, pick a best friend for her - one where you like the parents and their values. Invite girl over on a weekend or take them somewhere . Cultivate a friendship from your side - if the other mom buys in even better. It works - I can vouch for that. A's BFF 's mom chose A in grade 1 and initiated the friendship. I have done the same for our boys

  3. Hi Cat I have never thought of this! Thanks so much!!! What a great idea!

  4. Oh man, I was that child on the playground. Well done for helping her!

  5. I was also that kid on the playground all alone but I liked it. Later on deeper in school I did made some friends.

  6. I had that happen to me at school, I was quite tomboyish and made friends with the boys. Not sure if that is an option for her?

    1. She prefers the girls, because she is worried she would be expected to play rugby. ;-)
      But she said a boy from her class who is also on his own friended her yesterday while on the jungle gym. Holding thumbs that it would last!

  7. Awww, I can totally relate. Last month my Little girl came home with the same complaint- that nobody wanted to play with her. A few weeks later, she says that she has lots of friends again. Little girls can be fickle but I think at this age it is important to teach them to treat friends the way they would like to be trea treated. I love Cat's idea as well.

  8. So glad that you shared this, I was going to write a post on the same problem. My son was part of a group but 2 nasty boys joined the group and now he wanders around on his own, it breaks my heart. When I asked what he does during break he said that he talks to himself. I wish there was a solution

  9. Shane, Sula! My heart breaks on their behalf!
    I am definitely going to try what Cat suggested!


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