Monday, 21 December 2015

Questions to the 7 year old

Today is her birthday! 

We had a low-key celebration with the family over the weekend. This year we skipped the big party! Little Miss was totally okay with it, as long as her family was there and she could have a birthday cake!

We love the girl that she is! With all her opinionated and strong-willed ideas!
She makes our lives very interesting! And we love it!

We got her report card over the weekend, and she did great!
We are very proud of her, as well!

I asked her a few questions last night:

What was the best of being 6?

That I have a mother and father and a sister. And that I have a grandmother and a grandfather.

What was the best about school?

Sport: Gymnastics, tennis and ballet

What are you going to become when you grow up?

A veterinarian

Who was your best friend this year?

I don’t know, Mom! I haven’t made a choice yet!

What do you want to do next year that is going to be enjoyable?


What was the best this weekend with your birthday?

My presents, and my birthday cake!

What are your best presents?

LEGO, jewellery making set and money

Why do you want to give money to your uncle? (Her grandmother received coins in a plastic bag which she got instructions to give to Little Miss' uncle.)

Because he always gives me money

What sports are you going to do?


What are your plans for Gr 2?

I don’t know, Mother. Enough with the questions!

We love you, Little Miss!!


  1. Happy birthday Little Miss 😊

  2. Happy birthday beautiful Little Miss!!! Love her answers. We also did the interview thing before my daughter's birthday a couple of weeks back... and she is also roller-skate obsessed.

  3. So real! I get "enough kisses mom!"


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