Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy holidays!

This is the Season of opposites
This is the time that highlights the opposites in our lives!

The season of merry, but also of sadness
The season of belonging, but also being alone.
The season of children, but also of loss and the longing for a child.

Happy holidays to those that are taking a bit of time off!
Thinking of you who are still working!
(I am taking time off between Christmas and the New Year)

Merry Christmas to you who are celebrating Christmas!
My thoughts are with you who are not with your families and you who do not have something to be merry about!
My thoughts are with you who are sad this year!
My thoughts are with you who have lost someone close to you!
My thoughts are with you who are longing for a child!

We will be with family on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day!
I realize that it is something very special, and something to be extremely grateful for!

What will you be doing this time of the year?

Hope there are blessings to all during this time!

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  1. Ah thank you Karen! Have a very blessed Christmas and thank you for all your support. xxx


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