Tuesday, 10 February 2015

10 things to love about load shedding and blackouts

A list of all the things that makes load shedding a positive thing!

I know that a lot of businesses suffer, and that there are people as well that suffer during these blackouts!
That is unforgivable!

But while the South Africans are getting our fair share of power outages, and we are dramatically declaring "Doomsday!" in all our discussions with each other, I thought I would focus on the "benefits".

10 Things to love about Blackouts:

1. Revelling in the quiet! 

We've got so much noise around us, that it actually feels like a relief to hear yourself when the white noise of the machines powers down.

2. Time for reconnection

There is nothing as good to sit with the family around candle light and talking. We can bond again!

3. Braai

This is a very good reason to start the fire for a barbecue. (Not that we need any excuse for a braai...)

4. Lighting

We can use all our candles that have gathered dust in the cupboards.
There is nothing as romantic sitting by candle light or bathing by candle light!
I love using my solar lights as well during this time!

5. Good excuse to not be able to study

When the power is down, we can't access our online study courses and MOOCs.
Getting a free pass for the night!

(Photo taken with a flash on Friday night)

6. Going to sleep early

There is nothing that makes us more sleepy than the dark. We have been going to bed earlier because of the load shedding.

7. Catch up on downloaded movies/series

We rarely get time to watch the downloaded movies and series, and load shedding gives us an opportunity to catch up on it. (While the batteries are still charged, of course!)

8. Watching stars

We can see a bit more of our starry sky here in the city when the power goes down.

9. Telling stories

We can tell stories to each other, and also when the children go to bed. It also adds to our bonding with each other.

10. Listening to music/radio

We can crank up the radios we don't usually play in the evenings, and we also take turns to play our favourite music (on our gadgets) to each other.

Please let me know of other things to love about load shedding?


  1. You are contributing to EARTH Hour ;-)

  2. Some very positive ideas...I love the quiet in the day when there is load shedding...it gets a bit tedious at night...and then we make the noise with a generator.

  3. I agree. But now my hubby wants to get a generator. I think he doesn't like the quiet! I do.


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