Thursday, 19 December 2013

Last minute gift ideas for Christmas

Little Missy has given us her list of stuff she wants for her birthday and for Christmas. 
We just need some time to go and buy it...
This year it is going to be less expensive gifts than the previous year. One present for a birthday, and one present for Christmas are more than enough. 

This year it is about the family time spent together, which we are seriously looking forward to. 

The iStore has a great gifting section for last minute Christmas ideas. It is worth checking there for great gifts for children AND adults.

Little Missy got these three cute gifts which are great gadgets to have.

Griffin KaZoo AUX Cable for Kids (and adults, because we are using it as well)
Connect most audio devices with a 3.5mm stereo jack with this Griffin Technology KaZoo auxiliary cable that features a caterpillar/butterfly design to add a touch of fun. 

Griffin Crayola MyPhones

I especially love these, because they have a built-in volume limiter, which makes me feel safe to leave the Little One in peace playing with her games on the gadgets. We are always arguing about the noise level, but when she has the ear phones on we don't have to worry that it will is too loud for her ears.

They came with stickers and markers, and Little Missy really enjoyed brightening them even more!

Griffin Crayola Color-A-Folio for iPad mini 

Crayola's Color-A-Folio lets you customise your iPad mini case with fabric markers.
We would have liked a greater selection of colours, but the colour combination works extremely well.

Now I just need to go and buy that iPad mini! (Thanks for the nudge, iStore!)

Disclaimer: We received these three gifts in this cute little suitcase, which is very Cool indeed!

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