Friday, 13 December 2013

Back from a week in the bush

We just came back from a week in the bush, feeling refreshed and chilled out!

We had very little signal in the bush, and we came back to no Telkom ADSL. It is very frustrating, but it also helped to switch off.

It was great to breathe in a bit of fresh air, and watched the sunsets!

Little Missy loved the game drives! We were a bit concerned, but I remembered how the eldest loved it. The little ones are mesmerized about all the animals, and even little things like chameleons.

We had a great encounter with the elephants on
a morning drive

The absolute highlight of our week:
A walk with rhinos - we got pretty near to them
Breathed in all the sunsets!
(Something we miss here in the city)
Lots of dives into the pool
It was a great vacation!

Why did it feel so short?


  1. I wish the older people can also be a bit like the little kids, so mesmerized about every little thing, like ants :^)

  2. So jealous we weren't in the bush too!! Looks fabulous and great sightings. Glad mieka is enjoying the bush too. Next book a Kruger National Park holiday!

  3. Beautiful photos Karen. So glad you had a good time.


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