Monday, 7 December 2009

Sleeping in separate rooms

The baby has been sleeping in her own bedroom very soon after we brought her home. I was open to the idea of her sleeping in our room, but it did not seem practical to us. I was reading a very shocked blog post by Lisa who cannot understand how the baby can sleep in a separate room than the parents.
We found that we wanted to read and watch tv etc. after the baby went to sleep, and that we bothered her. Luckily we got an Angelcare gadget from friends of ours. We are still using it at nearly a year. We can hear every little peep that Mieka makes, but we know that she is sleeping in peace. As well as us! We also know that the Angelcare will start beeping if she should stop breathing. That gives us peace of mind! Definitely a gadget that is worth to invest in!
Also, the one that do not have to get up at night, can carry on sleeping uninterrupted. And Mieka sleeps in her own dark room which is apparently also good for sleeping well.
In my previous life with the X (cancelled one), he was adamant that the baby had to sleep in her own room. He was jealous of the baby and the time I spent with her. (Yes, unbelievable!) But we did it without Angelcare at that stage. Arnia started to sleep through the night very quickly (about two months). Because of that I also knew that a baby would be okay in her own room. Maybe it is my age, or maybe Dries who is not jealous of the baby and not demanding that I let her cry. But we are not very good with letting Mieka cry. Maybe that is the reason why she is still not sleeping through the night?
But the separate bedrooms work very well for us. I think that should be the key. What works the best for your own situation?


  1. Ai - I remember those days - but so glad they are just a "distant" memory. How can a father be jealous of his own baby? Thank goodness for wonderful Dries. You and I definately did a whole lot better 2nd time round! Yah! Good luck with the sleeping thing. I also could never let my kids cry! They seem to have turned out ok!

  2. Your right every situation is different and what works for yours is best.

    I also have a angel care unit, I only put it up when Raiden was about 5 months...I didnt see the point as he slept in my room but I use it now so I can hear him when I'm watching T.V in the lounge, it is a WONDERFUL gadget!

    I dont watch T.V in the room so am lucky enough to not disturb Raiden when he sleeps. I just strongly believe in attachment parenting and the positive things concerning Co-sleeping or bed sharing. I understand that some peoples situations don't allow for that. I really hope I didn't offend you.
    I was just taken by surprise by how my friend had no thought or feelings to sleep close to her new born baby. She has no monitors. I find that strange.

    Our situations are completely different, I'm a single mom, so its only me and I don't have to worry about a partner being unhappy about anything. I cant believe you X was jealous...crazy stuff!

    If Raiden had slept threw the night from a early stage and didnt need to feed about 10 times a night (as he did for the first few months, now its only twice, thank heavens!)
    Things might have been different maybe....

    WELL DONE for not letting your little one cry to much, I've been doing some research on sleep training and letting your baby cry itself to sleep because Raiden still doesn't sleep through the night and there are so many new studies and the negative effects of it..

    Im sure our little hunnies will start sleeping threw soon.....its going to be such a strange feeling!

  3. Thanks for this, Lisa. I think we should tune in more to our gut feeling and what works for us and our babies. I must also add that I take Mieka into bed with us if she doesn't settle on her own.


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