Monday, 16 July 2018

Our Top 3 Toys Now - Prima Top Toys Season 2018 range

Prima Top Toys poster
We have rounded the corner of 2018, and the Festive Season is upon us! Yes, really! (It's exciting) Prima Toys had their best toys reveal last week already. It's great to know what's happening in 2018, and what toys are going to be hits this year. It's not only nostalgia toys for everybody, but also collectibles that are super cute. The toys that incorporate robotics and technology are also big hits, and we are sure it is only going to increase in popularity.

The theme for 2018 is Let them explore. Children should be encouraged to enjoy and explore their world through play. To let them discover new things, new play patterns, new technology and a new ways of looking at life through play. Play has become a super important buzz word in parenting and education. Children should get MORE of it!
The three Prima Top Toys that immediately caught our attention this year...

Excited girl with L.O.L. Surprise Doll still in packaging
Miss Fine with her L.O.L. Surprise Doll Surprise

L.O.L. Surprise

2 L.O.L. Surprise Dolls
L.O.L. Surprise Dolls

L.O.L. Suprise ticks a lot of boxes, and that adds to the allure. Unboxing, surprises and collecting are all the rage now. Miss Fine has been eyeing these dolls for quite a while. The shelves were also cleaned out last year, so it's best to buy as soon as it hits the shelves.
Look out for a variety of new, mystery-filled L.O.L. products including L.O.L. Pets, L.O.L. Glitter, L.O.L. Confetti, L.O.L. Little Sisters, L.O.L. Surprise Game with Accessory, L.O.L. Water Game,  L.O.L. Puzzles, Pearl Surprise, Bigger Surprise and Underwraps.

Hoops MVP L.O.L. Surprise Dolls
Hoops MVP spits water


Gemma Fingerling on finger
Gemma - Unicorn Fingerlings
One of the top tech toys is Fingerlings, which get our vote, for sure! It is the best-selling technology toy for 2017, and with new additions it can only continue with the popularity streak! The Fingerlings family is growing with the addition of Fingerlings Baby Unicorns, the Glitter Monkey, Dino, Panda, Dragon and Dino Velociraptor. It's a toy for boys and girls. Start collecting. I don't know who is the cutest?
Fingerlings Baby Dragon in person's hands
Fingerlings Baby Dragon

Fingerlings Baby Panda in person's hands
Fingerlings Baby Panda

Check this Dino Velociraptor!!

Cake Pop Cuties

Cake Pop Cuties, still unwrapped

The Cake Pop Cuties are so squish-able and so cute, and the element of surprise adds to the allure. Miss Fine has been super excited about opening and squishing it.
Cake Pops is a new line of collectibles that ticks the boxes on several current trends by combining the unboxing appeal with the satisfying appeal of the slow-rise squishes, all packaged in a colourful “cake pop”.

Girl with unwrapped Cake Pop Cutie in hand
What's in here? Cake Pop Cutie

Cake Pop Cutie with Chocochip Cubbie inside
Cake Pop Cutie - Chocochip Cubbie

The L.O.L.'s, Fingerlings and Cake Pop Cuties get our first votes, but there's much more this year.

Keep an eye on this blog for more reveals, give-aways and Miss Fine promised me some more unboxing videos.

This season there is something for everyone! (For Mom too ;-) )

For more information:
Twitter: @PrimaToys

The toys and games are available at toy stores and retailers countrywide in South Africa.

Disclaimer: We got a Gigi Fingerling earlier this year in exchange for a review. The L.O.L. Suprise Glitter Doll and the Cake Pop Cutie we got in our goody bag at the Prima Top Toys review last week. We were not asked to write or paid for this post.


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