Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Kitchen Tea at Urban Angel Café

Kitchen Tea celebrations at Urban Angel Café
Kitchen Tea - Urban Angel Café
The Eldest who is getting married in less than a month, had her Kitchen Tea this past weekend. She was able to guess that her Kitchen Tea would be on the same day her soon-to-be-husband had his bachelors'. It wasn't a surprise, but it also was. She had great bridesmaids who sorted everything, and made the day very special to her. The future mother-in-law also had a hand. She is very lucky to have these people in her life. She enjoyed it so much, and she got everything she wants for her future home. A Mr Price gift registry worked it's charm.

Urban Angel Café is a firm favourite with their quality food, good vibes and great service. That was a great choice for the venue. Their cake was divine! See below! Everybody also ordered their own food, from breakfasts to sandwiches to nachos. We all loved it!

Here's some random photos from the day.

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