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Prima Top Toys for Girls this season

Chiquita Patrizi -

Parents are allowed to get excited about toys! Yes? I was so inspired at the Prima Toys media launch last week. That's where Warren Murray spoke about dads being equal partners. The new toys that are coming to South Africa are epic!

Play is a very important part of our children's lives! Play shape them and give them a safe space to learn about life!

The upcoming blog posts will be divided into girl and boy toys, but there are also toys that both genders will definitely enjoy to play with! Of course I will be starting with toys for girls, as my little girl loves her girl toys. You can say what you want, but she's not really into cars or robots.

Toys for Girls

These are some of my favourites! It is good to know now already what's going to be good, and what will be the best sellers this year!
And to buy it now before it's too late. (The flurry hatching pet and the 3D pen that went out of stock last year are still sore points in our house!)

Shopkins Happy Places 

 Shopkins are still going strong. It is a big hit with Little Miss!
Prima Top Toys
Shopkins Hpapy Places

The Shopkins Happy Places is a fusion of collectible themed interior style  items and a new innovative take on doll house play. Each playset and décor  release builds together to create an expansive design options for the savvy on  trend girl so she can express her own style in a unique and individual way.

Sash unboxes some of the "It's a Party!" Shopkins for Prima Toys.

Little Live Pets

The Surprise Chick. It hatches again and again, and it squeaks! It is super cute! If this is not going to be popular, I don't know! We all loved it at the media launch.

There are a whole range of Little Live Pets!

L.O.L. Surprise

The Lil Outrageous Littles Surprise Dolls comes with accessories and shoes in a round container. This is unboxing taken to a whole new level. Somebody suggested this could be a great party pack for girls, and the surprise element makes it so much more exciting. There are seven layers to uncover. The range will be in South Africa in September. (This is definitely on my Christmas list!)

L.O.L. Surprise - Lil Outrageous Littles
LOL Surprise layers

Baby Love

Prima Toys has their own doll range, specifically for South African children. Baby Love now has 3 dolls, and Thando is the newest addition who speaks 25 Zulu phrases and 25 English phrases. Baby Bella speaks 50 English phrases, and Baby Tasha speaks 50 Afrikaans phrases.

Prima Top Toys
Baby Love Thando 


The most adorable baby monkeys. "Fingerlings"  - such a perfect descriptive word. They react to touch, motion and sounds!

DC Superhero Girls

Girls love their Superhero Girls. We are so glad we are seeing more of it!

Media launch presentation by Chiquita Patrizi - Prima Top Toys

How beautiful is Supergirl?


Collectables are all the rage! These are very sweet!

Good thing we as parents can help with the playing decision-making!
We have licence to play again! ;-)

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